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Friends Only

Posted on 2020.02.02 at 17:59

This is a collection of my writing, a place where I will be exploring various genres and styles, be it for my own entertainment or as schoolwork, fiction or nonfiction, comedy or drama.

I am keeping this journal 'friends only', for the most part, because I find that having my writing posted where anyone and everyone can see it makes me feel a little exposed. Nonetheless, I would love to share my writing with others, so if you'd like to be added, just comment on this entry (maybe with what has drawn you here) and I'll gladly become your friend.

Some stories are going to be posted publically—fanfictions for the most part, and fictional short stories. All creative non-fiction and longer stories will only be visible to friends, though.

Title: The Loyal Protector
Form: Fiction
Genre: Fairy Tale, Romance
Comment: In my second semester in CEGEP—so, early 2007—I took an English class called 'Fairy Tales'. For our first written assignment, we had the option of either writing an academic essay or a fairy tale of our own. What kind of creative arts student would I have been to have
not written a fairy tale?

Did I mention that this is one of the cheesiest things I've written recently?Collapse )


Vampire Knight

Posted on 2008.06.04 at 10:52
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Title: Vicious Cycle
Form: Fanfiction
Fandom: Vampire Knight
Genre: Angst/Horror-ish
Comment: I generally don't get into anime fandoms, but after watching and reading so much Vampire Knight I wanted to write a little something. Just a short, descriptive piece of sorts of the scene where Zero sucks Yuuki's blood the second time (I believe).

The fangs dug in and...Collapse )

Title: The Transformation of [arctic_husky] (or, The Blundering Swine)
Form: Fiction
Genre: Humour/Adventure
Comment: We were given a creative assignment in my humanities class in response to the text that we read,
The Transformation of Lucius (or, The Golden Ass). In the story, the main character, Lucius, is transformed into a donkey because of misuse of magic, and he then goes through a series of fortunes and, moreso, misfortunes to return to his human form. For this assignment, we had to write about our own transformation into an animal; I just cooked this up quite quickly, but I hope it amuses.

Oink, oink, squeeeal!Collapse )


More fandom writing

Posted on 2008.04.29 at 21:14
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Title: Regret
Form: Fanfiction
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Genre: Angst/Comfort
Comment: Written for a contest on deviantART. The prompt for the contest was to write a scene that we would have liked to have seen in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. I wrote a scene between Sothe and Micaiah, taking place after Micaiah failed to react to save Sothe when Tibarn was threatening to drop him off a cliff if she did not have her troops retreat (he obviously did not intend to actually kill Sothe, for those who haven't played the game).

I was disappointed that they didn't show any remorse in Micaiah, so...Collapse )


Life in Six Words

Posted on 2008.03.29 at 17:08
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Title: (none)
Form: Creative Nonficton
Genre: General
Comment: In class, we were given the task of coming with a six-word story... sort of an autobiography, either dealing with our life as a whole or a part of it.

Here are the ten that I came up with.Collapse )

Can you guys come up with any of your own?

naesala/leanne - don't let go

A little fanservice

Posted on 2008.02.11 at 16:29
I'm listening to: Byakuya ni Kuroneko - Alice Nine
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Title: (none, really)
Form: Fanfiction
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Genre: Friendship/Comfort
Comment: Written for a contest on deviantART. The guidelines were to write a support conversation between two of your favourite characters, in either script or fanfiction format. I went for the fanfiction, since I do write them regularly.

Do you regret it?Collapse )


And now for something older...

Posted on 2008.02.03 at 16:16
I'm listening to: Wanderlust - Fozzy
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Since my last post included stories that I've written very recently, I figured that I should follow it up with something older...

Title: Wanderlust
Form: Fiction (short story)
Genre: General/Fantasy, I guess
Comment: This was written, hmm... three years ago, in a creative writing class from high school. The assignment was to write a short story that included several lyrics from a song; so, the lines in italics are actually lyrics from the song "Wanderlust" by Fozzy.

I've been around the world a thousand times.Collapse )